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Piper Stewart and her brother Lane are Aboriginal kids that love to swim. They noticed that there were only a couple of other Aboriginal kids their town, Griffith, who swim regularly and few competed in swim meets. Due to the cost of lessons, many Aboriginal kids in Griffith swim in dangerous channels or never learn to swim.

This is a problem as research done by the Royal Life Saving Society found that Aboriginal people are four times more likely to drown than other Australians.

So when she was 12 Piper created Bambigi, an organisation that works to make sure more Aboriginal kids learn to swim and are safe in the water. Bambigi means "to swim" in Wiradjuri, Griffith's traditional Aboriginal language.


Bambigi funds six months of swimming lessons for Aboriginal kids in the Griffith region. We have also supported Wiradjuri Preschool kids to learn to swim and the Tirkandi Inaburra boys learn about water safety. 

Bambigi is now a registered charity that is funded through a mix of fundraising activities, grants and donations. You can donate to Bambigi at our GoFundMe page. 


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